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Immigrating to the United States is rarely easy, whether you are sponsoring an employee, coming to the United States to start a business or take a job, or attempting to join your family. Forms must be carefully completed and submitted to the correct immigration office, or else you may lose your place in the long line of applicants. Interviews must be prepared for and successfully completed. Medical exams are often necessary, as are statements of financial support from employers or family members.

Without the assistance of an experienced and professional immigration attorney, it is all too easy to make a mistake in the application or other paperwork that could cause months - or even years - of delay, or worse, outright denial. Do not risk the success of your immigration plans! I have over 25 years of experience helping immigrants, their families and employers - and I can help you through the immigration process with maximum cost efficiency and minimal headaches. To get started, call the Law Office of Paul D. Cass today for a consultation: 213-487-1595.

Visas and Green Cards

I handle applications for both nonimmigrant visas (temporary visas) and immigrant visas to obtain permanent residency (known as Green Cards). Visas and Green Cards can be obtained for work or family reasons, and I can analyze your situation and help you determine which route better fits your circumstances.

Business and Employee Immigration

Business visas are often the best option for several types of immigrants, including for example:

  • Foreign students who are graduating and want to work in the United States
  • Foreign citizens who want to start a U.S. company or invest in an existing company
  • U.S. companies that want to transfer a foreign citizen employee to a U.S. location

Family Immigration

Being apart from your family can cause great emotional strain and sometimes financial pressure as well. U.S. immigration law allows some family members of U.S. citizens or permanent residents to join their families in the United States. The family immigration process can take a long time, and several different petitions and other applications are required. As an experienced family immigration lawyer, I can help smooth the way and improve your chances of successfully reuniting your family.

Naturalization and Citizenship: A Lifelong Relationship with My Clients

I follow the lives of my past clients after I have succeeded in getting visas or Green Cards for them to stay in or come to the United States. After the required amount of time has passed, many of my former clients return to me for advice and representation as they consider going through the naturalization and citizenship process. I provide knowledgeable information about U.S. citizenship requirements, fill out the required paperwork, and help my clients prepare for the interview. This is not an area where "DIY" is recommended. There are many pitfalls for the unwary. If you are concerned about your eligibility for U.S. citizenship, I recommend consulting an immigration and citizenship attorney.

After we decide together how to proceed, I can do all the required investigations and applications on your behalf. I can:

  • Complete and file necessary applications and petitions
  • Represent the employee at any required interviews
  • Verify the qualifications of a foreign citizen who is a potential employee
  • Oversee the labor certification process (PERM)
  • Perform compliance checks for a business that employs foreign citizens
  • Assist with change-of-status applications from one nonimmigrant category to another, or adjustment to permanent residency status; or with visa processing
  • H-1B, H-2 and H-3 visas
  • E visas
  • L visas
  • O and P visas TN(NAFTA) visas
  • National Interest Waivers
  • EB-1 permanent residency applications
  • EB-2 permanent residency applications
  • EB-3 permanent residency applications
  • Religious Workers

See How Easily You Can Get Your Green Card

Work with a business immigration lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

Contrary to what you might think, you don't have to jump through hoops to get a green card. Paul D. Cass, Attorney at Law will show you just how simple the process can be. Attorney Cass practices business immigration law in Los Angeles, California. You can count on him to file your documents properly so you can live or work in the U.S. legally.

Call 213-487-1595 now to schedule a business immigration law consultation in Los Angeles, California.

Attorney Cass will handle the majority of the work

Attorney Cass will handle the majority of the work

Paul D. Cass, Attorney at Law assists individuals and businesses alike. As a business immigration lawyer in Los Angeles, California, attorney Cass can help:

  • Companies and employees get non-immigrant visas for work
  • Investors work and trade in the U.S. legally
  • Employees get their green card so they can live in the U.S. permanently
  • Self-sponsored workers get work visas
He can also help family members become permanent residents and citizens.

Resolve your citizenship issues by hiring a business immigration lawyer in Los Angeles, California. Contact attorney Cass today to see how he can help your family or business.

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